Scouting Report: Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia

H: 6’4”

W: 230 lbs

Year: Redshirt Senior


Newman is a big quarterback who isn’t afraid to take a hit. Whether it’s standing in the pocket to deliver a pass even when he knows he’s about to get hit; or running the ball into the defense and fighting for a few more yards. Newman excels in the RPO (run-pass option) game, with the intelligence and ability to read defenses quickly to often make the correct read. He is very patient with RPO’s, really allowing the play to develop and keeping linebackers frozen for longer than they would like. Newman can quickly scan the field, reading all of his options (not just two like most young quarterbacks) before finding the right guy, or handing the ball off. When he kept the ball himself, he wasn’t afraid to use his big frame to be a physical runner and fight for extra yards (although this is something you would like to see less of in the NFL). Newman has a very strong arm and has shown multiple times he can air it out down field with the best of them, even when a pass rushers is about to lay him out.


Newman has accuracy issues, particularly on his deep-ball. Part of this lies within the RPO scheme, as his timing is heavily affected based on what the defense is showing on any given play and what his options are. Newman needs to clean up his mechanics and footwork, which will help with his accuracy issues.


Newman has a great set of skills that provided him success in college football and can lead to success in the NFL. He is a very smart and quick-processing player who read the field very well, three of the most important traits for a quarterback. He is not afraid to tuck the ball and work his way through defenders for a few extra yards. The biggest issue with Newman is his accuracy issues. A big part of this could be tied to the RPO system he ran at Wake Forest, causing him to hold the ball for too long, throwing off the timing with his wide receivers. But Newman also has some issues with his mechanics and footwork, which also leads to accuracy issues. One of the most difficult things to fix in a quarterback entering the NFL, is their accuracy. Newman is a prospect in which where he lands on draft night will tell so much about his future. If he finds himself with a team that runs a more RPO heavy scheme, he could look like a top 5 player from this draft a few years down the road. If he finds himself in a Pro Style offense, he could struggle to find open passing lanes and his running could be limited, making him seem more like a 4th round pick.

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