Scouting Report: Chuba Hubbard

Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State

H: 6’0”

W: 207 lbs

Year: Redshirt Junior


Hubbard is a very patient running back. He allows time for the hole to develop and has great vision to find the best running lane on any given play. He is very intelligent in that he understands blocking schemes and allows them to make lanes for him to run through. Hubbard is very aware of where his blockers will be and how to maneuver with their blocks, even before they make them, to enhance the blocking schemes even more. Paired with his patience, is his extreme acceleration once he decides to put his foot in the ground and attach a running lane. While he is a patient runner, he also is aware enough to know when a hole might not appear, and doesn’t wait too long causing a tackle for loss. Hubbard operates very well in tight spaces. He has good lateral movement that allows him to maneuver through a group of bodies to pick up extra yards. His vision, burst and awareness makes him a surgeon in tight spaces to gain a few more yards than most other running backs. Hubbard has elite speed, along with long speed, to make him nearly impossible to catch on break away runs. This speed also makes him just as good on outside runs as inside runs. He catches the edge quickly and reaches the second level in no time.


Hubbard is not a consistent catcher and is not a natural hands catcher. He is not a great improviser with routes on plays where the play breaks down, or when he runs a delayed route after checking his pass blocking responsibilities. In his pass blocking assignments, Hubbard his aware of where he should be and who to block, but he struggles to actually make the block due to inconsistencies in his technique.


Hubbard is a very alerted running back. He has a blend of patience, vision, and burst that gives him a potential that most running backs don’t have. He dissects defenses in tight spaces and always seems to get a few more yards than the typical running back. He has the speed to gain the edge quickly, and the long speed to secure touchdowns on breakaway runs. He needs to show improvement overall in the passing game, between his hands, route running, and pass blocking. I love Hubbard’s running style ad j think he has the potential to be a top running back in the NFL one day. As of now, he looks like a top 25 prospect, which will probably translate to a top 40 pick.

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