Scouting Report: Tyson Campbell

Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia

H: 6’2”

W: 185 lbs

Year: Junior


Campbell is a long cornerback with great size overall and top-end speed. He is surprisingly agile in tight spaces and contains great athleticism in general. His hips are very fluid and he flips them effortlessly. He has great closing speed and mobility for a corner of his height. Despite his lean frame, Campbell is not afraid to mix things up in the run game, and is pretty effective as well; he is a reliable tackler in space. The length in his arms makes it very tough on any wide receiver at the catch point. 50/50 balls are also a big strength in Campbell’s game due to his length. His length combined with his speed, means he is rarely completely out of a play.


Campbell needs to work on his technique for when he advances to the NFL. His size and mobility make up for it in college, but it won’t be the same at the next level. He lets his eyes wander into the backfield too much. Despite his speed, athleticism, and fluid hips, Campbell gets burned too often on comeback routes. He struggles in zone coverage, often biting on deeper routes outside of his zone and leaving his zone wide open. He missed 5 games last season due to a foot injury. If Georgia plays a full season this year, Campbell would greatly profit from missing zero games due to injury.


Campbell has that rare blend of size, speed, and athleticism that a lot of the NFL covers now. His technique needs a decent amount of work, and that’s why the team he is drafted by will mean so much more for his future than the average NFL prospect. Campbell will need the time to fix his technique issues to really excel in the NFL. His athleticism and speed naturally give him a leg up, but if his technique catches up, he will be a huge problem for NFL wide receivers. If his technique is better this season, I could see him being a top 20 pick. If it’s pretty much the same, he might fall somewhere between 40-50 in the Draft.

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