Scouting Report: Marvin Wilson

Marvin Wilson, DL, Florida State

H: 6’5”

W: 311 lbs

Year: Senior


Wilson has phenomenal size for an interior defensive lineman. His frame is wide, thick, and muscular, which makes him a nightmare to move off the line of scrimmage. He’s surprisingly mobile and his movement is fluid given his incredible size. Wilson’s hands have a ton of power and his first punch is devastating. Once he lands that first punch, offensive linemen can be stunned right out of the gate. He is very efficient at getting hands off of him; he swipes very well and with a ton of power, and he has a very effective club and swim move. Wilson can go up against the biggest offensive linemen and maintains the strength to fight through all game. He fights through contact and can hold his own when taking on double teams. When he is lined up against weaker offensive linemen, Wilson takes advantage and dominates them. He doesn’t take plays off and he plays with a very high motor.


Despite his large size, Wilson sometimes plays too high, trying to peek over the top of offensive linemen into the backfield. His first step is pretty slow as he lacks initial explosiveness. He needs to add more pass rush moves other than his club and swim move, such as rip or spin moves.


Wilson is a massive interior defensive lineman with a surprising amount of mobility and fluidity in his game. He rightfully dominates weaker opponents, can trade blows with the strongest of offensive linemen, and holds his own against double teams. Wilson is a guy that won’t be moved off the line of scrimmage very often, even after entering the NFL. His first step is slow, which is concerning when moving on to the next level. But overall, Wilson projects to be a high-level starter in the NFL and a sure-fire first round selection.

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