Scouting Report: Jalen Mayfield

Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan

H: 6’5”

W: 319 lbs

Year: Redshirt Sophomore


Mayfield is surprisingly athletic for his size. He has grown quite a bit since going to Michigan, which would explain the athleticism. He still has room on his frame to add even more weight. His long arms are a perfect compliment to his mobility. Mayfield easily and effectively reaches defensive lineman that line up inside, and uses his strength to push them off the line. He reaches the second level quickly and can push linebackers with ease, creating huge gaps. As good as Mayfield is in the run game, he might be even better in the passing game. He has a lot of lower body strength anchoring him in pass sets. He has elite foot speed for an offensive lineman, allowing him to mirror inside or outside pass rushers.


Despite Mayfield’s quick feet, he seems to get anxious against speed rushers and lets his technique falter. He would reach at these speed rushers and get off balance. Mayfield is still a raw prospect, only starting 13 games in college, so his technique can really take a hit at times. He needs to work on his base, particularly with bending his knees; he stands up too straight at times. Mayfield can be a little stiff and not fluid, despite his great athleticism.


Mayfield is a large but athletic offensive tackle. He contains the athleticism and strength to dominate defensive linemen and linebackers alike. His long arms allow him to reach across defensive linemen that are shaded to the inside of him. Mayfield’s frame allows him to put on even more weight while keeping his high-end athleticism. The big problem, though, is his lack of experience in college football. He only has 13 starts, and now he has declared for the draft following the announcement of the Big 10 cancelling the season in the Fall. This lack of experience is very apparent against speed rushers, but also flashes throughout most circumstances. Mayfield’s size and athleticism is rare though, so I fully expect him to be a first round pick.

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