Scouting Report: Richard LeCounte

Richard LeCounte, S, Georgia

H: 5’11”

W: 191 lbs

Year: Senior


LeCounte is very fluid with his movements. He flips his hips well and is typically in a good position to make the play. He usually lines up as the high safety, but he can align in man coverage in the slot. LeCounte is a very intelligent player with fantastic instincts. For what he may lack athletically, his instincts more than make up for it. His instincts consistently puts him in a great position to make the play, naturally locating the football quickly anywhere on the field. LeCounte diagnoses pass vs run plays very quickly, allowing him the opportunity to be where he needs to be quicker than most other players.


LeCounte will not wow you with his physical attributes. He’s a bit undersized, plus he lacks the speed and athleticism to make up for that lack of size. His instincts really put him in the right spot, because his athleticism fails to do so, limiting his range. LeCounte’s lack of size also will all but eliminate him from being able to like up against tight ends, and he lacks the ability to really compete for 50/50 balls. He needs to prove from a technical standpoint when he’s in man coverage, mainly his habit of peeking in the backfield at the QB. LeCounte struggles as a tackler, mainly due to his size, but he also doesn’t consistently wrap up.


LeCounte is an incredibly intelligent and instinctive football player. He always seems to be in the right spot, and he often helps his teammates get to where they need to be pre-snap. His instincts make up for his lack of athletic abilities, particularly speed, but I’m not sure how great an undersized free safety with limited speed can be in the NFL. I love his play style, but his weaknesses are huge concerns. In the end, I love his intelligence and instincts more than I dislike his physical shortcomings. He is a first round prospect for me, but I don’t think most NFL teams will view him inside the top 50.

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