Scouting Report: Paulson Adebo

Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford

H: 6’ 1”

W: 192 lbs

Year: Senior


Adebo has good size with long arms. His hips are very fluid and he flips them well. He stays low in his hips throughout his backpedal. Adebo gets a great break on the ball and he is very aggressive when the ball is in the air. He is excellent on ins/outs and slants, mainly due to the fluidity in his hips and his long arms. He gives very tight coverage on deeper routes, despite a lack of speed. Adebo pushes streaks to the boundary, allowing small windows. He plays the ball really well on streaks, looking back at the right time, locating the ball, and sticking his hands in the receiver’s hands. Adebo has excellent instincts, which serve him very well in zone coverage. He is very willing in run support and is not afraid to make a tackle.


As mentioned above, Adebo lacks top end speed. He has long arms, but he can get pushed onto his heels against faster receivers, leading to many ways he can get beat. He struggles against double moves and a bit against comeback routes, allowing too much space. At times, Adebo can be caught looking in the backfield instead of on the receiver.


Adebo makes great plays on the ball and is a fantastic deep corner, despite his lack of speed. He has fluid hips, long arms, and an aggression on the ball that severely limits completions. That lack of speed is very concerning, coupled with his lean frame. He doesn’t like to press hard, for fear of being beat quickly off the line. This puts him in a soft press mold, similar to Richard Sherman. The problem? He does not have Sherman’s size. I love watching Adebo’s college tape, but I’m concerned how much of it will translate to the NFL. It doesn’t appear like he’ll be seeing any more snaps in college football, so if I were him, I’d be bulking up for the Combine and his NFL career right now (and practicing his 40 yard dash as much as possible). We’ll see what he looks like leading up to the draft, but as of now, Adebo is outside my top 50, solely because I don’t know how his game will translate to the next level.

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