Scouting Report: Walker Little

Walker Little, OT, Stanford

H: 6’7”

W: 320 lbs

Year: Senior


The first thing you notice about Walker Little is his really long arms. If he wasn’t very athletic, he could get by with his long arms. However, he is also pretty athletic. He’s quick, he has good mobility, and flexible hips. Little mirrors pass rush very well, after being patient and letting them come to him, and pass rushers really struggle getting around him on the edge. In the run game, Little easily gets to the second level and he is a monster when pulling. When he lands a block, he brings defenders into his body and locks them up quickly and effectively.


The first thing you notice about Walker Little once the ball is snapped, is a constant false first step (first step is up and down, doesn’t cover any ground). Little suffered a knee injury in 2019, the main reason why he did not declare for the 2020 NFL Draft. He can be stiff sometimes and his feet can get stuck and frozen. He can struggle in getting right in front of defenders in run blocking and his hands will miss and slip right off of them. Little struggles against bull rushers, getting pushed back into the QB. Stunts tend to confuse him, and he ends up being late to a block.


Little was a great pass blocking left tackle, before his knee injury. We won’t know if this injury will affect him in the future until he gets back on the field. Along with his long arms, his mobility was his biggest asset. While I love him in the passing game, he struggles in run blocking with locking up defenders. So much of his projection is based on how he looks post injury, but I still have him as a top-20 prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft today.

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