Scouting Report: Najee Harris

Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

H: 6’2”

W: 230 lbs

Year: Senior


Harris is a strong and powerful running back. If you don’t bring it when tackling him, he will run you over. He has powerful legs that keep his feet churning until he’s brought to the ground. Harris is a hard, straight-forward, north-and-south runner. He has great balance that keeps him on his feet through contact. He has a vicious stiff arm and a great jump cut. Harris is surprisingly patient, and will let a hole develop, with great vision, before bursting through it. He is an asset in the passing game, being able to run more than just screens and swings. He was even lined up at a receiver a few times at Alabama.


Harris lacks top end speed. He won’t win many foot races down field, or to the outside edge, meaning he can get strung outside along the line of scrimmage to the boundary. Aside from his jump cut at the line of scrimmage, Harris is not very elusive or shifty. Despite his abilities in route running, he struggles catching the ball consistently.


Harris is a thick and powerful running back, with strong legs, great balance, and feet that won’t stop churning that allow him to run over so many would-be tacklers. He’s surprisingly patient after getting the hand-off, allowing the play to develop before bursting through. Harris’ speed is a liability, but he has that Derrick Henry stiff arm that can shove down would-be tacklers downfield. He can be an asset in the passing game, as he has a more polished route running tree than just screens and swings. He can line up at receiver and run slants, ins, outs, and more. His hands can be an issue at times though, as he drops too many passes than I would like. Running backs have been severely devalued in the NFL, but Harris has a shot to be a first rounder in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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