Scouting Report: Caleb Farley

Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech

H: 6’2”

W: 207 lbs

Year: Redshirt Junior


Farley has great size for a cornerback at 6’2” with long arms. He couples that size and length with elite speed, quickness, and fluidity in his hips. His footwork is quick, clean, and smooth. Farley’s speed and quickness allow him to stick with receivers on their hips on shorter and longer routes. He is a ballhawk; his length allows him to break up passes effectively. On those longer routes, he squeezes defenders into the boundary and leaves minimal room for a catch point for receivers. Along with having phenomenal man coverage skills, he’s great in press coverage. His length paired with a strong initial punch can redirect receivers quickly on the line. His length and physicality result in him being a willing and effective tackler.


Farley has faced difficulties with injuries in college. He suffered an ACL tear in 2017 that forced him to miss the season and he missed the last two games in 2019 due to back spasms. Farley stands to improve in his man coverage skills. His physical traits are fine, but he struggles to consistently make the right call on spacing and squeezing routes in zone coverage.


Farley made headlines last week as the biggest 2021 NFL Draft prospect to announce he will be skipping the 2020 CFB season and start training for the Draft. First off, I have no qualms with any player deciding what is best for their future. Aside from COVID-19 concerns, this could prove to greatly help Farley’s draft stock in prepping for the Draft 9 months in advance. However, Farley is still relatively new to the cornerback position and another year most likely would’ve helped him feel more comfortable and help his zone coverage issues. That being said, Farley is a very fascinating cornerback prospect due to his unique size and length, paired with his speed and quickness. He’s a sticky cornerback that allows small catch windows for receivers that he typically works his hands in to knock the ball away. Farley will be one of the most interesting prospects leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft, and he seems to be a first rounder at this time.

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