Scouting Report: Alex Leatherwood

Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama

H: 6’6”

W: 310 lbs

Year: Senior


Leatherwood has long arms that end in a strong first punch. He’s very strong, to the point where he can solely rely on his strength, if needed. Leatherwood typically has a very quick first step. He is very patient in pass rush sets, letting pass rushers come to him rather than reaching. Any pass rushers that attempt to go inside against Leatherwood get locked up quickly.


Leatherwood has a slow back pedal, slow feet, and poor lateral quickness that causes him to lose to speedy pass rushers that go wide outside on him. He is not great in space, which translates to him struggling on screens and getting to the second level on run plays. Leatherwood doesn’t always play through the whistle.


Leatherwood is a phenomenal lockdown pass rusher. He struggles against speedy pass rushers and working in space, mainly in getting to the second level when run blocking. It is pretty concerning to me that his struggles revolve around a lack of physical attributes, rather than something about his technique. However, Leatherwood can lock up a pass rusher and dominate him like any other top offensive tackle prospect. He’s crazy strong and his first punch is devastating. I think his performances will be up and down simply depending on the speed of pass rushers he faces in any given game, or even any given snap. Leatherwood really needs to take a step forward this season and prove that he can be quick in his feet and his hips. If not, I don’t think we’ll see him drafted in the first round in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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