Scouting Report: Patrick Surtain II

Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama

H: 6’2”

W: 203 lbs

Year: Junior


First off, Surtain II’s size and length are a huge advantage for him. Mixed with his speed and quickness, he can match up with any sized wide receiver. His hips are very fluid and he flips them very well while staying low. All of these attributes allow Surtain II to mirror receivers and stick with them right on their hips. He usually has a great break on the ball, and not only is Surtain II very physical at the point of the catch, he has great ball skills to get a hand on the ball. His ball skills combined with his size and length results in him challenging every single jump ball very well. On streaks, Surtain II effectively pushes receivers to the boundary. He is strong at the point of press and he is excellent in man coverage. He is a solid tackler and can help out in run support.


Surtain II occasionally lets his eyes peek in the backfield too much, resulting in him getting burned. He struggles to get off run blocks either outside or in the box. He doesn’t always seem to have an interest in run support and tackling.


Surtain II is an excellent man coverage cornerback who doesn’t allow many catches, or even opportunities for his receivers to get open. His size and length, speed, quick feet, and fluid hips allow him to match up against any receiver and win that matchup. He mirrors receivers really well and barely gives them any breathing room. Surtain II’s ball skills are great, with him being physical at the point of the catch with his long arms. He needs to work on where his eyes are and show more effort against the run. But overall, Surtain II is an excellent cornerback prospect who I am very excited to watch where his career goes. He is a lock first rounder for me, and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get drafted in the top 15 picks in the 2021 Draft, assuming he declares.

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