Scouting Report: Rondale Moore

Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue

H: 5’9”

W: 191 lbs

Year: Junior


Moore is one of the most insane athletes I’ve ever seen. His package of speed, quickness, acceleration, balance, agility, and shiftiness is unmatched. As long as he isn’t being tackled while he’s catching the ball, he’s shaking at least one tackler. Moore is extremely dangerous in space as his athletic abilities are off the charts. He is very effective on wide receiver screens and jet sweeps. Moore is a very good route runner because of his quick cuts due to his speed and quick feet. Moore’s elite speed gives him a huge advantage on streaks, regardless if he’s against man or zone. His kick and punt return ability is a huge plus.


Moore’s small frame creates some problems for him. First, he easily can get pushed off his route early against the press, and late on deep routes. Secondly, Moore didn’t win many jump balls in college, which should remain the same in the NFL. He also has a very limited route tree. At Purdue, he mainly ran screens, slants, ins, outs, and streaks.


While the number one rule of scouting is “do not just watch highlight reels”, watching full game tapes of Rondale Moore feels like you’re just watching his highlights. Purdue runs their offense through him as he is by far their best player, but every time Moore touches the ball, he makes something happen. He is one of the most exciting and electric college football player’s I have ever watched, not just scouted. He is so ridiculous after the catch. Several times it looks like Moore is about to be tackled so I’m about to add a note, and he somehow breaks free and runs 40 more yards for a touchdown. He just has an amazing blend of speed, quickness, acceleration, balance, agility, and shiftiness that is simply unparalleled. Obviously, Moore will be facing tougher competition in the NFL than he does in college, but his athletic abilities will translate. I’m not making any comps here, but Moore is like a blend of Tyreek Hill and Deebo Samuel. He needs to expand his route tree, however, as he won’t always be able to dominate on just five routes. Moore should be able to transition well to the NFL, and he should be a sure-fire first round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, as long as he declares.

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