Scouting Report: Trey Lance

Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State University

H: 6’3”

W: 224 lbs

Year: Redshirt Sophomore


Lance has a rocket for an arm. He has a quick release and a great follow-through on his throws. He is very accurate inside 20 yards in distance. Lance seems to always find the soft spots in zones. He is a very mobile quarterback, with a lot of speed, both short distance and long distance. He is shifty and agile. Lance has great feet coupled with a high awareness in the pocket, which leads to minimal sacks and long scrambling runs. He keeps plays alive with his feet and keeps his eyes down the field. He throws accurately on the run. He goes through his reads very quickly.


Lance has accuracy problems on throws further than 20 yards. He often overthrows on streak routes. He throws bullet passes when he should float the ball instead. He sometimes throws risky passes when he’s under pressure instead of throwing the ball away or taking the sack.


Lance is as mobile of a quarterback as Kyler Murray while having as strong of an arm as Josh Allen. I really love everything about his arm, except for his accuracy issues throwing deep. He has a special ability of keeping plays alive with his feet and finding the soft spot in zones and hitting the open receivers. I think at times Lance trusts his arm and ability to find an open man too much, however, and ends up throwing dangerous passes. The talent among the defenses he’s faced isn’t elite like in the FBS, and therefore his only interception in 2019 will surely increase in the NFL with greater competition. Lance is one of the prospects I’m looking forward to watching the most this upcoming season. I believe he will be a top-10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, as long as he declares.

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