Scouting Report: Justin Fields

Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

H: 6’3”

W: 227 lbs

Year: Junior


Fields has a strong arm that makes all throws look effortless. He puts a lot of zip on all of his throws. He is incredibly accurate between the numbers on the field. Fields is a great runner, but doesn’t want to run unless he has to. He is very effective when he does tuck the ball and run. He’s speedy and agile. Fields will make defenses pay on blitzes with his feet. He keeps his feet constantly moving in the pocket. He goes through his reads well before checking down or running, and he isn’t afraid of hitting his checkdowns rather than forcing the ball down field. Fields will stand straight and make good throws when he knows he’s about to get hit. His vision of the entire field is impressive; you get the feeling that he can see the whole field at once. Fields is a proven winner, having only lost once in the 2019 season.


Fields doesn’t have many weaknesses, but his main weakness is inaccuracy on specific throws. He really struggles throwing outside the numbers on mid to deep throws. He’s also very inaccurate throwing on the run. He throws off his back foot far too often. Fields holds the ball for too long, trying to extend plays, which often leads to sacks or bad throws. He needs to work on over-the-top floater throws. His footwork worries me, as sometimes his base is too narrow, but it seems most of the time it’s too wide.


Fields appears to be a franchise NFL Quarterback at this time. He has a strong arm, is very mobile, has elite vision, is tough, and is a proven winner. While he has inaccuracy problems and his footwork is concerning, I hope he can improve in those areas this upcoming season. This isn’t a comparison, but Fields reminds me of a bigger Russell Wilson. Both would rather throw the ball than run it, even when a play is breaking down, but both are very effective at running the ball. If Fields can work on his accuracy, mainly throwing on the run, he projects to be a really good NFL prospect. If he declares for the 2021 NFL Draft, I don’t have any doubts that he will be a top 5 pick.

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