Scouting Report: Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

H: 6’6”

W: 220 lbs

Year: Junior


Lawrence has prototypical size for a quarterback. With that size, he has next-level athleticism and speed that you don’t normally see from a QB of his size. He has a strong arm that makes deep throws look easy. He has a very quick release, allowing him to remain effective when blitzed. Lawrence displays good footwork in the pocket, coupled with a high ability to throw accurately when he’s on the run and/or his feet aren’t set. He has relatively good vision on passes and when he runs the ball, but it can be improved. That vision directly results in him being a good decision-maker. He has excellent pocket presence and awareness inside the pocket. Lawrence is a proven winner, having not lost a college football game until his 30th start.


Lawrence’s biggest weakness is his accuracy and ball placement. He has a great receiving corps at Clemson which makes up for his poor ball placement at times. The ball often ends up behind receivers on out routes. Lawrence sometimes floats the ball instead of firing it in, and vice-a-versa. He also has problems on fade routes, where he needs to put more touch on his throws. His timing on comeback routes is sometimes off, being too late and allowing the defender to come back into the play and making a play on the ball. As mentioned above, his vision and decision-making can be improved, specifically on making the wrong reads on options too often. Lawrence sometimes has a wide base on throws that leads to an overthrow.


Trevor Lawrence looks like a franchise quarterback and a potential number one overall pick in the draft. He has the size, arm strength, athleticism, footwork, and play-making ability that teams look for. He’s a proven winner, currently sitting with a 29-1 record and two trips to the National Championship Game with one National Championship already under his belt. He needs to work on his ball placement and work on some routes such as outs, comebacks, and fades. He is a good decision-maker with good vision, but I want both of those things to improve in 2020. With the NFL leaning on mobile quarterbacks, Lawrence is set up very well, with the added bonus of a great arm.

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