Analysis of the Top 75 Prospects

The 2020 NFL Draft is only three weeks away. We’ve made it through the 2019 College Football preseason, season, postseason, Senior Bowl, and the Combine. This is the final stretch of re-watching film and sorting through positional clumps on Big Boards. Prospects are meeting with NFL teams via FaceTime in these crazy times as the final step of evaluation for teams.

I’ve written an analysis for my top 75 prospects in this draft class and added player comps and draft ranges for most prospects. At the bottom of the article, you will find a consolidated form of my top ranked prospects by position.


1) Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State

Chase Young is a generational talent! He can win with his athleticism by using speed and he can counter move with his power. He was well coached at Ohio State. He is the total package with few issues, outside of the questionable suspension for a violation regarding accepting a loan from a family friend. In my opinion, Young will put it together on the field and off it as well. Young is the best prospect in the draft!

2) Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

When I think of Joe Burrow, “Man of the Year” by Schoolboy BoyQ keeps on playing in my head. He had a great season with the LSU offense. This man showed he is able to lead a NFL franchise. Burrow threw for 5,671 yards and he had 60 TD’s & 6 INT’s as he dominated the SEC. He is a QB that has fought adversity from going to Ohio State to LSU. Joe Burrow is my number 1 QB in this year’s NFL draft. He has that “it” factor.

3) Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

This player is one of my favorite players in this year’s draft!!! Isaiah Simmons can do it all. He can be your outside Linebacker in a 4-3 scheme or he can be your Mike linebacker in a 3-4 scheme; he can cover RB’s out the backfield or TE’s down the field; he will be a chess piece for any defensive coordinator. There isn’t really a comparison to any player in the NFL, because this man is his OWN KIND!!! If I had to comp Simmons I would say Anthony Barr or Derwin James.

4) Derrick Brown, DL, Auburn

Normally, watching football games you don’t see defensive tackles being the “playmakers” on the field until you break down the film. Well watching Derrick Brown this past season is different. This man was all over the field as he dominated his opponents. Derrick had an opportunity to come out last season and be a first round pick. Now he bet on himself & he will be a top 10 pick. He improved his pass rush moves, not just winning with power. He was leader for the Auburn defense. Brown will be a cornerstone piece to any NFL team.

5) Jeffery Okudah, CB, Ohio State

This man Okudah, is ready to shut down your favorite WR in the NFL today!! He has great man-to-man coverage. He is well coached on how to understand zone coverages as well. He is a better overall prospect than Denzel Ward when coming out of Ohio State. That is saying something cause Ward is a REAL one! Jeffery Okudah is my number 1 CB this year. The player comparison is Stephon Gilmore.

6) Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

I’ve known of Tua since his high school days. He almost committed to USC and instead decided to accept the challenge of playing for Alabama. We all could say it paid off! He led them to a National Championship over Georgia and then lost to Clemson. I never saw Steve Young play live, but watching his highlights he has a similar build and game to him. Tua is coming off hip surgery and his health is a HUGE question mark for any NFL team wanting to draft him. Any team that drafts him has to let his body heal and let him have a Redshirt year. This man will be fun to watch on Sunday’s. He is my number 2 QB in this year’s draft.

7) CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

CeeDee Lamb = DeAndre Hopkins!! Ceedee Lamb is a WR that has the total package. He is also more than willing to block in the run game. Any team that drafts him will have themselves a true number 1 receiver. I can see Lamb having 7-10 TD’s this upcoming season. A true GAME CHANGER!

8) Jedrick Wills Jr. , OT, Alabama

Jedrick Wills Jr. is a dancing bear!! This guy in pass protection is a beauty to watch. He is athletic enough to go with speed DE’s and has power enough to push men off the line. I believe he can play both offensive tackle positions. I feel right tackle should be the position he starts off with in the NFL. Offenses nowadays in the NFL demand tackles who can get out in space, and Wills Jr. is the poster boy of those qualities.

9) Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

Jerry Jeudy’s routes are so smooth. He can cut on a dime. I’m not saying he will have the same career as Jerry Rice, but he reminds me so much of him. They have similar frames of body and playing styles. Make sure you tell your DB’s to double wrap their ankles cause this man will break them. Jerry Juedy can play any WR position on the field. He is the REAL deal.

10) Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

Tristan Wirfs is a prospect that I’m excited to see how whichever team drafts him uses him. He played RT at Iowa, but he also has all-pro guard written all over him. The way he performed at the combine showed he is athletic enough to play LT. He is only a redshirt sophomore coming out, so his best football is ahead of him. No matter where he plays on the offensive line he will be a BEAST!

11) Javon Kinlaw, DL, South Carolina

Javon Kinlaw is an explosive DT that can move up the field very quickly. He had to overcome a few obstacles to be in the position he is today as he has taken the longer route from playing JUCO football. Kinlaw has a similar game to Chris Jones. Javon Kinlaw will be your 3 technique in a 4-3 scheme, but he has the frame to play the 5 technique in a 3-4 scheme. I personally feel he will excel better in 4-3. Javon Kinlaw is my number 2 DT.

12) Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama

Henry Ruggs = SPEED! He isn’t your typical track guy playing football. He is a true football player. Ruggs runs routes very well and he comes from a pro-style offense playing at Alabama. I won’t be surprised if he ends up being the first WR off the board in the 2020 draft. I do feel he is a better number 2 option in the offense, instead of being the main guy. Henry Ruggs III just makes your eyes get BIG watching him on film. The player comparison has to be Tyreek Hill, but in my honest opinion Ruggs projects better!

13) Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville

Mekhi Becton = Trent Brown! He is just a massive human being. The best part of Mekhi’s game is his superior athleticism for his size. When he gets off the ball he moves people. He has all the traits to being a LT in the league, but the sad part of this throughout the years we’ve had similar huge tackles that look like Becton that don’t work out for whatever reason. If Mekhi Becton puts it all together, we will look back at him being the best tackle out of this class.

14) Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Justin Herbert is the number 3 QB in this year’s draft class. Herbert has the size and the arm to be an elite NFL QB. For some reason, this year he wasn’t as accurate as last season. I really feel that the Oregon offense didn’t use Justin Herbert to the best of his ability. He showcased his ability at the Senior Bowl and had a great week. Any team that drafts him has to work with setting his feet on throws and fit what Herbert does best: push the football down the field.

15) Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

Andrew Thomas is a real LT!! He has very good film coming out of Georgia, showing that he has good feet and has enough power. Thomas needs to get stronger in pass protection as at the college level there are DE’s that can push him around. Thomas’ range is 4-15 in the first round.

16) C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida

C.J. Henderson is my number 2 CB. He has good feet and plays his technique very well. Henderson played well against very good competition in the SEC. The way he performed in the combine really helped his draft stock. Henderson’s range will be 10-20 in the first round. Any team that drafts him will improve their secondary Day One.

17) Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama

Xavier Mckinney is my number 1 safety in this year’s draft. He was Alabama’s signal caller on defensive last year, which says a lot in that program. McKinney’s stock is risen because of that and his football IQ. He understands how to recognize how offenses want to attack. McKinney can play as a box safety, nickel LB, and also play as free safety. He can really do it all. We all know he is well coached coming from Alabama. McKinney will be a true difference maker in the NFL. He has a similar game to Malcom Jenkins.

18) K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU

K’Lavon Chaisson is a prospect that is really difficult to understand. We have seen players that have similar frames as him. He can become the next Chandler Jones / Brian Burns or he can become the next Arden Key. He is built like a FREAK!!! He can create so many issues for opposing tackles in the league with his athleticism. Chaisson will fit better in a 3-4 scheme as a stand up outside linebacker rushing off the edge. His range goes from 15-35. He has all the talent in the world.

19) D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia

Swift = Josh Jacobs. They have similar body builds. The best quality of Swift and Jacobs is their vision. He can run in between tackles and has enough speed to get away from defenders. Swift has proven he can catch the ball out the backfield as well. Unfortunately, with the NFL today the RBs aren’t valued as high anymore. His range can go from 20-40.

20) Patrick Queen, LB, LSU

Patrick Queen is exactly what the NFL is looking for in their linebackers. He can cover the middle of the field and can also fill in runs fits very quickly just as well. His biggest weakness is taking bad angles in pursuit at times. He over pursuits holes and feels he makes it up with his speed. The next level he won’t always win with his speed. He is definitely my number 2 LB in this year’s draft. Patrick Queen will be drafted in the first round.

21) Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

Justin Jefferson is a huge RISER in this draft process. Watching the LSU games last season, I believe he had a breakout season because of Joe Burrow. When you really pay attention to Justin Jefferson’s game he just needed a QB to showcase his true ability. He reminds me of Keenan Allen from the Chargers. He just knows how to get open!!! Jefferson proved he is definitely a first round talent with his performance at the Combine. Even how deep the WR class is this year, I just can’t overpass how good Jefferson truly is and I would take him in the first round.

22) Grant Delpit, S, LSU

Grant Delpit is a player that gets overlooked because he didn’t have the same 2019 season as 2018. I really feel he didn’t play at that level because of his injuries. Delpit had a bad ankle injury that he came back and played on. I trust my eyes (film) in that is exactly the impact player he was his junior season. He changes games just like Tyrran Matthieu, Jamal Adams, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. He is a versatile player that improves any defense TODAY! Some people have Delpit falling in the second round, but I believe in the young man that he will be one of the better players in this draft class.

23) Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

Jordan Love is my number 4 QB in this draft. That ranking isn’t necessarily because of the football player he is; I just feel teams will use his senior season against him despite the exterior struggles he faced. He lost 9 starters and his coaching staff. That is a lot of change for any QB. Love just as a QB has the highest potential in this draft. He can get out of the pocket and throw dimes down the field. Any team that drafts him and lets him sit to learn the NFL game will be paid off by going to the playoffs the next ten seasons. He has all the right tools to lead any team to Super Bowls. He has that Mchomes “It” factor. Just saying…..

24) Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State

I have Gross-Matos ranked higher than a lot of others do. I just believe the best football is ahead of him. He is long and can bend off the edge to sack the QB. He has a good enough motor to be a first round talent. Gross-Matos will be an 8-12 sack guy every year when he learns to use his frame to the best of his ability.

25) Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma

Kenneth Murray is one of those football players that just instantly makes you a fan of him. This guy plays football cause he LOVES it!! Murray is always around the football. He can play any position as a LB. Just get this man on the field and he will become a fan favorite.


26) Ross Blacklock, DL, TCU

Ross Blacklock is my number 3 DT in this draft class. He is a BIG DAWG that pushes up the pocket to a QB. He has some Gerlad McCoy in his game. He plays very well using his hands. Ross also has some quickness to beat some guards off the ball. He will be a good Day 1 starter to any defense.

27) Austin Jackson, OT, USC

Austin Jackson is a talented tackle coming out of USC. He is another player in that his best football is ahead of him. He is only 20 years old!!! There is a small gap between the other four tackles, with Jackson a little behind them. I really do believe he is a part of the conversation of being a first round tackle. He needs to get stronger at the point of attack. I feel Jackson will gain “Grown Man” strength within time.

28) A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa

A.J. Epenesa, unfortunately, has fallen down big boards because of his lack of production this past year and due to poor testing at the Combine. Epenesa has some serious power and he moves people. In early downs against the run he will be able to dominate. NFL teams are looking for three down players that are able to get after the QB. I personally feel Epenesa can rush the passer as well, but not nearly as well. He’s just not your typical flashy pick for an edge rusher. Epenesa is just a FOOTBALL player that is stronger than others. His range is from 23-35.

29) A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

A.J. Terrell gets a lot of hate for how he played vs Ja’Marr Chase in the National Championship. Well not many corners played well vs him either. Terrell is a tall & long corner who has played at a high level at Clemson. He understands how to play coverages. Terrell can get stronger and can use his advantages to help him vs WRs. I have him graded as a first round CB because he has seen it all in college facing some incredible WRs. He has won a good amount of his matchups against elite combination. Terrell can help improve your secondary. He’s a BALLER!

30) Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor

Mims is one of those players that rose very quickly on big boards across the nation since the season ended. He has the playing style of Josh Gordon or A.J. Green. He is a taller WR that can run the entire route tree. I can see one of those late teams in the first round picking Denzel Mims.

31) Cesar Ruiz, OL, Michigan

Just like how coaches appreciate the versatility of skill positions, Cesar Ruiz can plug in as your center or guard. He is a smart player who is able to play to his strengths. He has moved up my big board because of that. With the lack of interior linemen, Ruiz value has risen as the demand is higher than the supply.

32) Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

Kristian Fulton was a five star prospect coming out of high school. A few people believe he hasn’t played up to his potential. I feel he has showcased his abilities in the most talented conference in college football. Fulton competes vs any WR he matches up with and he doesn’t back down from anyone; two qualities that are very important in a CB. I can see Fulton going as a late first round pick or an early second round pick. If he can put it all together, he can be a pro bowl corner for many years to come.

33) Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

Tee Higgins is one of those players that gets overlooked because people feel like he doesn’t do it all. But what he does best is make plays and score touchdowns. Higgins is 6’4” WR that can get the ball at the highest point. He will be a steal for any team if he drops out of the first round. Higgins is going to be a big target to improve your favorite team’s offense.

34) Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin

Zack Baun is a leaner LB, so I don’t think he plays on the edge. This man is always making plays, whether he’s hitting the QB or dropping in coverage. Baun is just a good football player that needs to be on the field. He can play inside backer in a 3-4 or outside backer in a 4-3. Baun’s draft range is between 25-35.

35) Josh Jones, OT, Houston

Josh Jones comes in as my number 6 tackle in this draft class. He is a very RAW football player, as he has only been playing football since his junior year of high school. Jones is an athletic tackle that moves around in space very well. He looked very good at the Senior Bowl. In my opinion, he is a second round tackle. His draft stock can rise, though, because the early run on tackles.

36) Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

If Jonathan Taylor would have come out a decade ago, he would be a top ten pick. He has high production of football played at Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the NFL nowadays doesn’t value the RB position on the top of their list. Taylor has rushed for over 2,000 yards in his last two seasons. This guy is the Truth at RB!!! His draft stock has always lingered around a second round player. Whoever is drafting Taylor will get a work horse of a RB.

37) Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

Trevon Diggs is one of the most interesting prospects in this draft. He has the size, speed, and ball skills to be an elite cornerback. He often finds himself stuck in bad habits of playing the wrong technique. Diggs is still young at playing the position. I believe with the right fit, for example, like a cover 3 scheme defense, he will be a pro bowler for many years to come.

38) Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State

Brandon Aiyuk has the second best footwork in the draft for a WR, only behind Jerry Jeudy. This guy can cut on a dime. He is an explosive player who also returned kicks/punts for Arizona State. Aiyuk has good size and I personally feel he will be one of the STEALS of the draft if he goes in the second round. He is an exciting player to watch!!!

39) Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah

Jaylon Johnson is a very good corner coming out of Utah. He likes to play physical at the line scrimmage and run with the WR, but he is also adept off the line in zone coverage. He is a complete corner who will most likely be selected in the second round.

40) Marlon Davidson, DL, Auburn

Marlon Davidson is just a bully on that defensive line. Some scouts say that he benefited so much playing beside Derrick Brown. I agree with that to a certain point. Davidson held his own in the majority of the ball games. He can get off the edge either playing DE in a 4-3 or play inside in a 3-4. No matter the scheme, the point is he can get to the QB and make some big plays on the line. Davidson is a good value in the second round.

41) Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado

Laviska Shenault Jr. is the best pure athlete at the WR position in this draft class. He was essentially all of Colorado’s offense last season. Just give this man the ball and great things will always happen. The big question, however, is will he just be another Cordarrell Patterson? While Patterson has been a good football player in the league, he didn’t live up to the status he was supposed to be. However, I believe Laviska is a better prospect coming out. He can run a better route tree than people think. The big issue he has going for himself are the injuries he has suffered in the past, and mainly the current injury he is recovering from. Will teams also back off him because of those concerns? Other than checking off medically, Laviska Shenault Jr. will be a highlight reel waiting to happen.

42) J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State

JK Dobbins = Frank Gore!! He is so patient with hitting holes. He kind of becomes boring to watch, until he hits a 30 yard gain or 40 yard touchdown run. Dobbins can also pass block & catch the ball out of the backfield. He truly is a complete RB and he will give any team an upgrade at the RB position on their football team.

43) Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame

Cole Kmet is my number 1 TE in this year’s NFL Draft. He is your typical Notre Dame TE (Kyle Rudolph, Tyler Eifert, etc.). He has very good hands & knows how to use his frame to become a big target for a QB. His upside isn’t the biggest, but he also won’t be a bust. Kmet is just “Old Faithful’’ that you know you can count on.

44) Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU

Jeff Gladney is a fiesty corner who loves to compete. In a game last year vs Iowa State he was lined up vs Hakeem Butler who is 6’6”. Gladney didn’t back down at all. He wanted all that smoke. He won a good amount of those reps vs Hakeem. Gladney has some Chris Harris Jr. to his game as he lines up on either side. He’s just another football player who you can see just loves to compete!

45) Neville Gallimore, DL, Oklahoma

Neville Gallimore is a very productive player coming out of OU. He has a quick first step and knows how to use his hands. Gallimore is built low to the ground and super stocky, which helps him keep blockers off him. At times he ends up struggling more than he should because of his height and shorter arms. Gallimore’s player comparison is P.J. Hall, but with a much higher ceiling.

46) Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minnesota

Antoine Winfield Jr. is the son of a former pro bowl CB. But you can already tell he has NFL blood lines before you see his name. The one downside of Winfield Jr. would be his height. But this man is a straight STUD in the back end of the defense. He has range and he’s shown he can cover in the slot. Winfield Jr. is a very smart player who understands how to play the game of the football. In early downs he can be your free safety and on third down he can go in the slot. The player comparison would be Kareem Jackson.

47) Justin Madubuike, DL, Texas A&M

Justin Madubuike is a true 3 tech. He is able to move his body and get to the QB. Madubuike needs to learn to play with more power, instead of always trying to go around people in such a small space. He has a lot of upside! Any team that drafts him should add him to a rotation his first year and not demand too much out of him. He will grow within time to be the player he should become. My player comparison is Mario Edwards Jr.

48) Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama

If it weren’t for injuries he suffered in college, Lewis would be right next to Chase Young for best player in this draft. He is 6’5”, 245 Lbs and as strong as an ox. He is able to bend the corner to get to the QB. Lewis needs to improve his technique with his hands. At times he tries to get around tackles and doesn’t have a counter move with his hands. If he stays healthy and puts in the work to learn a counter move, Lewis will be the next Chandler Jones.

49) Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU

Jalen Reagor is an explosive WR from TCU. He is a strong 5’11” receiver that can line up either inside or outside. He runs very good routes and has killer speed. The player comparison has to be Randall Cobb. Reagor is a second or third round prospect simply because this WR class is soooooo deep.

50) Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State

Damon Arnette is one of the most frustrating players to watch on film because he is so inconsistent. He has the look of a starting NFL corner. Arnette has good size, speed, and strength to line up against anyone. He mainly lined up in the slot in 2019 because of teammates Okudah and Shaun Wade on the outside. By watching the film he looks like a third round pick, but the upside is too good that a team will take a chance in the third round.


51) Lloyd Cushenberry III, OL, LSU

Lloyd Cushenberry III is a smart center coming out of LSU. He has good feet and quick hands to anchor blocks. He has some Rodney Hudson game in him. He will be a starting center for a team next season. Cushenberry III is a good offensive lineman that will start in the league the next 10-12 years.

52) Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma

Jalen Hurts is one of my favorite players I’ve ever evaluated!!! He’s a coach’s dream to have at QB. If he doesn’t know how to do something, he will put in the WORK to learn how to do it. He is a completely different player from his days at Alabama vs his time at OU. He improved his footwork and learned how to read defenses better. The biggest issue is his accuracy. He reminds me of a better version of Dak Prescott if he hits his ceiling. He will be selected in the second round!!!

53) Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame

Julian Okwara is an athletic EDGE from Notre Dame. He can rush the passer either in a 4-3 or a 3-4 scheme. Just like I mentioned with our other top pass rushers, Okwara knows how to bend off the edge. He showed some flashes that he can do that. Okwara reminds me of Jason Pierre-Paul.

54) Ashtyn Davis, S, Cal

Ashtyn Davis is just a solid free safety that has NASTY range to cover the field. How do we know that? He has a background in track. Davis is more than a track star and fast DB, he is a smart football player. He’s not afraid to come and tackle as well. The player comparison I have for Ashytn Davis is Justin Simmons.

55) Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan

Donovan People-Jones = Looks like Juju Smith-Schuster and plays like Reggie Wayne!!! I say Juju because of the thicker body frame and the attitude of attacking defenses. I say Reggie Wayne because of how smooth he is with his routes. I strongly feel when he has an NFL caliber QB that throws him the ball, we will witness his greatness. Peoples-Jones has a second round grade in my book.

56) Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU

Clyde Edwards-Helaire = Austin Ekeler!! He is so tough to tackle, he refuses to quit, and he has good vision to attack holes. I don’t believe he’s ready to start in the NFL. He is more than willing to take off the workload from a starting RB. He is a willing blocker on third down protection. He is a very exciting player to evaluate, because there isn’t a lot of film. Just know this guy will make your team better.

57) Raekwon Davis, DL, Alabama

Raekwon Davis is a 6’7” DL that has anchored Nick Saban’s defense for a couple seasons. He is a tough man to move on running plays, but he doesn’t show a lot of pass rush moves. Davis does push the pocket by using his power. The player comparison has to be Calais Campbell just because of their similarity in size and his projection as a DL, but Davis has a far way to go to become the same player. Any team that wants to add a bully and some toughness to their team, Davis is your guy!!

58) Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State

Cameron Dantzler is a long corner who loves to bump and run!! If there is any corner who matched up well vs Chase from LSU last season. It was Cameron Dantzler. What I love about Miss State players is that they LOVE to compete! Cameron player comparison is Trae Waynes.

59) Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State

Curtis Weaver is a very productive player coming out of Boise State. He shows good pass rush skills and holds his own on the edge of the defense. I see Weaver as a second round prospect, but I could see him fall to the third or fourth round. Teams tend to go for better athletic ends, which Weaver isn’t known for, because of the upside they see. The player comparison has to be Preston Smith.

60) Michael Pittman Jr., WR, USC

NOT enough people are talking about Pittman!!! This guy has the projection to be the next Mike Evans. He comes from an NFL family; his dad is a former NFL player. Unfortunately, he had multiple freshmen QBs in his last two seasons, but he still balled out. I have him ranked as my number 60 player on the big board, because the WR class is deep! I have faith this guy will play in the league for the next 10 years and can make a QB very happy and make DB’s very upset they have to cover him. He is one of my favorite USC players of all-time!

61) Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne

Kyle Dugger is a D2 safety who showcased elite athletic abilities at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. At the senior bowl he showed he can cover and tackle out in space. More than that, he showed he belongs there with the other prospects. Kyle Dugger is a very RAW prospect to have some good upside. He was also the punt returner for his team. The player comparison is Patrick Chung.

62) Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn

Noah Igbinoghene has only played corner for two seasons. Some downfall there, but also upside as I see value since he is a tremendous athlete. The player comparison is Dante Jackson. Igbinoghene has competed against the best talent in the SEC. His growth can be seen on tape and he will continue to grow.

63) Willie Gay Jr., LB, Mississippi State

Willie Gay Jr. is real three-down LB who has some off-field issues (suspensions and ejections). I have Gay ranked this high on my big board purely from an on-the-field standpoint. I believe in young people who want to improve in their life. He has the film to play in the NFL. He just needs to show his true colors during the interview process. His off-field issues can drastically influence his draft stock. He could be selected anywhere in the 2nd-7th round, even possibly undrafted.

64) K.J. Hamler, WR, Penn State

K.J. Hamler is one of the most explosive players in this draft. He reminds me of Tavon Austin in college. Unfortunately, his height works against him. With the WR class being so deep, it does take away from his ability to stand out. He’s a third round pick in my opinion.

65) Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois

Jeremy Chinn is another small-school safety who has a chance to be a second rounder. He is big and athletic like Derwin James. Chinn is better in zone coverage than man due to his ability to cover the whole field with his range and pursuit. He’s occasionally used in the box as a linebacker, but his run support isn’t great. If whatever team drafts Chinn wants to use him as a hybrid, he needs to put on a little weight and work on his run fits.

66) Jacob Eason, QB, Washington

Jacob Eason is my number 5 QB in this year’s draft. He is 6’6” QB who has all the tools. He was a big time recruit coming out of high school, but got beat out for the starting position at Georgia by Jake Fromm. He transferred to Washington where he showcased his talent on the field. Eason has a cannon of an arm. He struggles with accuracy and needs to improves his footwork. The player comparison has to be Eli Manning with a bigger arm. I can see a team drafting in the second round trade up and take him in the first round. Eason has shown he is a second round QB who needs to polish up his skills.

67) Cam Akers, RB, Florida State

Cam Akers is the highlight of the FSU program. He was the top RB coming out in his high school recruiting class. Akers can be the double agent to Dalvin Cook, as they have similar running styles. Unfortunately, he didn’t perform up to his potential due to poor offenses in college. Akers will be another STEAL for the team that drafts him.

68) Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame

Chase Claypool = Darren Waller. Here is a late bloomer who I believe has his football is ahead of him. He is listed as a WR, but I believe that if the team that drafts him moves him to TE, he will become a giant mismatch. Claypool was a big target at Notre Dame and was just a better athlete than his defenders. If he lines up against a linebacker or safety he will destroy them!!! I see Claypool as a second round pick.

69) Terrell Burgess, S, Utah

Terrell Burgess is a smart football player on the backend of the defense. He’s another great player in the Utah defense, who primarily used him as their dime corner. He shows great versatility in that he can line up in the slot or back at safety. The player comparison has to be Logan Ryan. Terrell Burgess can be a second round player, but I believe he will be selected in the third round.

70) Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State

Malik Harrsion is a big LB who loves to hit people. I believe he projects as better than most other starting LBs in the NFL because of his bruising playing style. He comes from a winning and well-coached program like Ohio State. The weakness in his game is his coverage skills, something that has become coveted in today’s NFL. The depth in the LB group is slim so he will be bumped up into the second round.

71) Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia

Isaiah Wilson was a five-star recruit coming out of Brooklyn that went to Georgia. He has a massive body that with time he learned how to use with techniques. Wilson struggles with quicker DEs due to his size and lack of athleticism. He will make some team very happy on Day Two and start many years at the RT position.

72) Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia

The most undervalued player in this draft!! He is overlooked due to small hands, lack of arm strength, and minimal mobility are seen to set him up to fail in the NFL. Fromm led his team to three straight SEC Championship games and winning one. He just finds a way to win or put his team in a position to win. That has to count for something. Fromm is very intelligent, he knows how to read any defense very well. He reminds me of Colt Mccoy. Fromm will be some teams backup for many years, with a chance to start.

73) Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia

Hall is another long and tall corner who enjoys playing man to man. He is a willing corner who can tackle. The big red flag is Bryce’s medical concerns that sidelined him for his last season at Virgina. He will get selected in the 3-5 round range.

74) Josh Uche, EDGE, Michigan

Josh Uche is an explosive edge rusher who has good bend off the corner and has a motor. The upside in his game compares to Dee Ford. The biggest weakness in Uche’s game comes down to his height and arm length. He also can get pushed around by bigger tackles. Josh Uche needs to go to a 3-4 team, where he can work as a 5-tech. His draft range is between rounds 3-5.

75) Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State

Ezra Cleveland is 6’6 and 310 pounds and is being talked about more often since the season ended. He has good technique and great intangibles to be a starting tackle in the NFL. Cleveland has room to grow, but the mid rounds has a lack of talent at the offensive tackle position. Therefore, Cleveland’s value has risen to a draft range of Day Two.

Position Rankings:


1) Joe Burrow, LSU

2) Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

3) Justin Herbert, Oregon

4) Jordan Love, Utah State

5) Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma

6) Jason Eason, Washington

7) Jake Fromm, Georgia


1) D’Andre Swift, Georgia

2) Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin

3) J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State

4) Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU

5) Cam Akers, Florida State


1) CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma

2) Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

3) Henry Ruggs III, Alabama

4) Justin Jefferson, LSU

5) Denzel Mims, Baylor

6) Tee Higgins, Clemson

7) Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State


1) Cole Kmet, Notre Dame

2) Hunter Bryant, Washington

3) Adam Trautman, Dayton

4) Brycen Hopkins, Purdue

5) Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic


1) Jedrick Wills Jr., Alabama

2) Tristan Wirfs, Iowa

3) Mekhi Becton, Louisville

4) Andrew Thomas, Georgia

5) Austin Jackson, USC

6) Josh Jones, Houston


1) Cesar Ruiz, Michigan

2) Lloyd Cushenberry III, LSU

3) Matt Hennnesy, Temple

4) Netane Muti, Fresno State

5) Jonah Jackson, Ohio State


1) Derrick Brown, Auburn

2) Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

3) Ross Blacklock, TCU

4) Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M

5) Nevile Gallimore, Oklahoma

6) Raekwon Davis, Alabama


1) Chase Young, Ohio State

2) K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU

3) Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn State

4) A.J. Epenesa, Iowa

5) Marlon Davidson, Auburn

6) Terrell Lewis, Alabama

7) Julian Okwara, Notre Dame


1) Isaiah Simmons, Clemson

2) Patrick Queen, LSU

3) Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma

4) Zack Baun, Wisconsin

5) Willie Gay Jr., Mississippi State


1) Jeff Okudah, Ohio State

2) C.J. Henderson, Florida

3) A.J. Terrell, Clemson

4) Kristian Fulton, LSU

5) Trevon Diggs, Alabama

6) Jaylon Johnson, Utah

7) Jeff Gladney, TCU


1) Xavier McKinney, Alabama

2) Grant Delpit, LSU

3) Ashtyn Davis, Cal

4) Antoine Winfield Jr., Minnesota

5) Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

6) Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

7) Terrell Burgess, Utah

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